Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"New" Class of Omega Fatty Acids Shows Promise in Cardiovascular Health

A class of fatty acids known as omegas have been studied since the 1970s.  In particular, the omega-3 fatty acids have become famous for their various health benefits.  

Recently a "new" class of omega fatty acids has emerged in the research as showing promise for cardiovascular health and potentially other health benefits.  A class of omegas known as omega-7s may be as good, and perhaps even better, than omega-3 fatty acids for certain aspects of health.  

It must be first be understood that omega-7 fatty acids have always been part of fish oil, just like omega-3s.  However, they have not been the focus of research until now, and, therefore, no one has bothered to concentrate them and provide them in supplement form until now.  It should also be understood that the research on omega-7 fatty acids is still preliminary.  Compared to the massive amount of data available on omega-3s, the research on omega-7s is still quite small.  Having said that, the research on omega-3s was once small as well.  So far, the available data on omega-7s is quite impressive.

An overview of the data on omega-7 fatty acids shows dramatic improvement on C-Reactive Proteins (CRP), a marker for inflammation.  One study showed a 50% drop in CRPs in 30 days among patients who observed no dietary changes.1  Another similar study showed a drop in CRPs by nearly 64% among patients who did undergo some lifestyle changes.2  Triglycerides, a fat in the bloodstream that is responsible for making the blood sludgy leading to clogging in the arteries, also shows impressive improvement with the addition of omega-7 fatty acids; up to 36% drop in triglycerides in 30 days.  All cholesterol numbers also improve with the administration of omega-7s.  

As data is mounting implicating inflammation as the biggest culprit in heart disease, the early research on omega-7 fatty acids is promising in preventing and perhaps treating certain aspects of cardiovascular disease.  

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